All positions need to be verified for authenticity and to check they are consistent with our values and our terms & conditions. Most ads are approved within 24 hours, and your 30 days starts from when the job goes live. If for any reason we need to review your job ad, we’ll contact you directly and discuss it. If for any reason we’re unable to reach a solution, you’ll receive a 100% refund.

Yes.  We offer a range of affordable ad subscriptions for 30 or 60-days.  This is a one time fee and the ad will run during the duration of the subscription timeframe.  A one-time 30-day extension can be purchased at the start or during the duration of your ad.

If you want to run your job as a feature on our website and promoted on Facebook and Instagram.  Sign up for our Connect Social Subscription.

No.  Setting up a Candidate Profile is completely free.

Yes.  At any time from your Candidate Dashboard, you can choose to hide or show your CV and Profile.

Your Profile and CV are not available to the general public.  Only those who have signed up for a 30-day paid plan can see Candidate Profiles.

Pre-Sale Question

If you have any other questions regarding our services please feel free to get in touch with us.

Want to run your job as an ad on Facebook / Instagram?

If you purchase the Connect Social Subscription and you would like to run a social media ad campaign on Facebook and/or Instagram, we can help.  We will need to discuss your budget, length of time, reach and audience. Once we know these details we can get back to you with an estimated cost of your social media ad.

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